Staying well and being the best you can be

Rather than fixing you when you’re broken so that you’re just out of pain, this is about keeping yourself at a level of health where your body's natural defences can work at their best capability, resulting in a potentially better lifestyle. Regular check-ups along with healthy food and exercise can help you stay there.

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We've used this in our logo of three hands.

The red hand represents when you're in pain. The yellow hand represents when you're out of pain but your body hasn't yet stabilised so before long can return to the red. The green hand represents the best you can be. Regular check-ups along with healthy food and exercise can help you stay there.

Your teeth and your back

As well as all the treatments we normally do, we also work closely with with dentists to help people with jaw problems that affect the teeth and spine. This can be anything from breathing problems and sleep disorders to face and neck pain or even balance issues.

How can jaw alignment affect your back?

The jaw joint moves both side to side and up and down. It is highly mobile and is operated by the strongest muscles in the body up to 2000 times a day. Survival depends on chewing food to break it down to absorb sufficient nutrients.

The body automatically tries different jaw positions to make sure the teeth close together as effectively as possible until it finds the best position for chewing. If the teeth don't fit together ideally, it is held in position by the jaw muscles. These muscles also affect neck muscles. So if the jaw is incorrectly aligned and muscles have to work harder to support it, this can affect neck alignment. Over time the body then compensates which can cause misalignments all the way down to the feet.

Your health also shows in the condition of your gums, which directly affects dental health. This can be improved by specific nutritional health, formulated to suit the individual. Your health is not just something that happens to you, there is a lot you can do to influence it.

Optimal performance

It's then no surprise that some football teams have used these techniques to ensure optimal sports performance. Equally the same techniques can be applied to optimising breathing at night or to help resolve spinal problems caused by dentures.


Be the best you can be


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