Why massage is important

High stress ages us quickly, both externally and internally, and many diseases are stress related. Although you can't eliminate stress and anxiety altogether, massage can help manage it.

The benefits

- Aids relaxation, reduces anxiety and promotes well being.
- Helps relieve muscle tension, stiffness, stress and headaches.
- Improves performance, flexibility and range of movement.
- Improves circulation, allowing more oxygen and nutrients into tissues and vital organs.
- Improves lymphatic flow and drainage, enhancing
- Improves skin condition (the body's largest organ).
- Improves healing of strained muscles and ligaments.

How regular massage can help

Regular massage can help you feel more healthy and although it feels like pampering it is no less therapeutic. Massage can be an important part of your health, particularly in combatting stress.

Where massage fits in with chiropractic

Muscle pain can be due to overwork but joint pain may be the end stage of long-term problems, which is where chiropractic comes in. Where massage can help relieve muscular symptoms, chiropractic goes deeper to the nervous system and helps your body to repair itself.