What is Naturopathic Nutrition?

Naturopathic Nutrition is much more than just eating healthily. It uses foods as specific medicine plus other dietary and lifestyle changes to help people find new balance to their health.

Naturopathic Nutrition takes into consideration all that is YOU, your health and previous illnesses, medications, stressors, strengths, ancestry, predispositions and the building blocks of your diet to support your body to return to balance.

We are all unique with different genetic make-up, different health conditions and varying lifestyles and no single diet will suit everybody. Your health is not just something that happens to you, there is a lot you can do to influence it.

What is it used for?

Do you find yourself in the grip of a chronic illness such as an autoimmune disease, osteo-arthritis, heart disease? Or troubled by frequent episodes of illness, inflammation, constipation or IBS making you feel sluggish, lacking mental clarity and energy? If so, you may well benefit from the support of Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy.

What does it involve?

A Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist works towards your goals, at your pace and adapts around your lifestyle to develop achievable modifications to your diet and habits, enabling you to see rewarding benefits in your health and wellbeing.

This may include adding some new foods to your diet to address personal nutrient requirements, requesting tests to obtain data to focus your aims, possible short-term use of supplements to support your body to regain balance or some lifestyle recommendations.

Whatever you need help with, Naturopathic Nutrition is a foundation of your health.

Pam Cartwright (Dip CNM Nut, MCSP, SRP) has worked in the NHS and private practice for over 25 years. She is also a Physiotherapist and Acupuncturist.