We find the source of the problem rather than treat symptoms

Despite improving technology, we see people receiving more medication but not become healthier. Not only resolving pain without drugs or surgery, we aim to radically re-energise the health and vitality of our community.

It's all about you

We tailor individual treatment to suit each person, based on latest research evidence. We are highly enthiusiastic about what we do and aim to help people better understand their health. They can then make informed decisions and have more control of their health.

We believe in improving people's lives

We have seen people endure a long process of prescribed painkillers, injections and even specialist operations. We aim to resolve the root cause without drugs or surgery, getting people back to a healthy and active lifestyle while also helping to reduce work absence.

We love seeing our patients' faces light up as they get their lives and energy back. Our goal is to improve people's lives, helping them enjoy greater independence, quality of life and performance so they can be the best they can be.

What is different about what we do?

Our McTImoney techniques minimise joint clicking for maximum results. This gentle and effective method makes it suitable for all ages. Our vitalistic approach means we look at the whole body and mind, not just individual parts, encouraging the body to heal itself from the inside out. At Touch of Life, less is more.

We help people to get well, stay well and be the best they can be

Physical, chemical and emotional stresses can affect our bodies. Over time this can affect the flow of nerve signals which control our health. A McTimoney chiropractic adjustment is a specific, gentle and effective force applied by hand which helps the body to restore correct nerve function. The body can then function better, allowing a better quality of life. Get well and stay well; be the best you can be.

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